Egyptian Reed Boat II, Miniature Urn


3 separate parts:  base, boat, and lid.

height 4-1/4″ x length 10″ x width 2-1/2″

interior volume approximately 1/2 cup

See details below.


This small sculpture, evoking the reed boats of Ancient Egypt, is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Boats had a sacred significance for the Egyptians, and were often placed in tombs to help navigate the passage into the afterlife.  Made of white stoneware clay and ornamented by black brushwork, its rich gloss surface was created by firing in a salt kiln.

To be used as a reliquary, it will hold about 1/2 cup of cremains. Reliquaries, also known as memorial urns, are often used as a way of keeping a small quantity of ashes when the rest are scattered or divided amongst loved ones. It could also be used for holding a keepsake such as jewelry or a watch.